Healthy relationships based on trust and respect are productive and synergistic.The same holds true for your real estate professional. I always explain to my clients that I am just the consultant, they are the final decision maker. I lay out the options, explaining the pros and cons of each decision. I also need to trust that my client will heed my advice and that our goal of selling the property is mutual. Here's some tips on dealing with your agent:

DO allow enough marketing time to get the property sold. DON'T give a short listing ultimatum or else the agent may not have the incentive or time for a complete marketing strategy, especially since some print ads have at least a 30 day lead time plus 30 days in publication.

DO listen to your agent and research the listing info presented, ask questions and ask the agent to explain the pricing strategy. DON'T overprice, especially in a flat or down market. There are some rare occasions that may require a price increase, but some sellers expectations are above market reality.  

DO communicate with your agent and listen to their advice. DON'T ignore your agents advice and market information. DON'T shoot the messenger when the feedback from buyers/ agents is not what you want to hear.

Remember, the top 3 things that help make a sale are: 1. Priced right 2. Clean and free of clutter, and 3. Ease of access. One difficult situation is the investor who needs to sell a tenant occupied property at top dollar. Usually the tenant controls access and will make it hard to show or show it with a mess and window shades down and lights out. They have no incentive to accommodate since they may lose the lease or get a rent increase from a prospective buyer.