According to Indian folklore, Sarasota and especially Siesta Key is a blessed place that is safe from hurricanes or other natural disasters. It's said that the Seminole chief Billy 
Bowlegs, other tribes, and wildlife retreated to the Sarasota / Siesta area during storm season. Irma was a major Cat 5 tracking right toward Sarasota when it lost steam and literally went right around us, with the highest sustained winds in the rural eastern portion of the county at 81 mph. According to historical accounts, the only other major storms that tracked near Sarasota were Donna in 1960 and the hurricane that allegedly opened midnight pass in the 1920's. Donna followed the same path on the same date as Irma. Why does Sarasota seem immune to major storms? Geographically, we are located between 2 major warm water bays, Charlotte Harbor and Tampa Bay, with the point of Siesta and it's quartz sand midway between. The warm inlets to the north and south act as magnets for storms, pulling them away from the point of Siesta. Is it geography? Is it the Indian blessings? Is it the quartz crystal sand? Is it the good vibe of friendly people? Is it a combination of all these factors? Regardless, Sarasota seems to be the best and safest place to own property given the historical trends and superior lifestyle.